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Changing Consumer Habits

coupleIn years past, consumers would pull out the phone book to find a local business.  Today, consumers use the internet.  For business owners, this causes challenges as well as opportunities.

For example, suppose you wanted to find a place to eat. If you’re like most people, you’ll start by searching on Google or Yahoo. You may use a more niche directory like or MerchantCircle.

local optimization from LMS SolutionsOr maybe you’re on the go, so you search for local eateries on your mobile phone or enter a search for nearby restaurants in your Garmin® GPS system. When you arrive, you check-in on foursquare to see if there are any loyalty specials.

What if they can’t find you?

Or put another way, what would it mean to your business if every prospective customer could easily find information about your business, no matter how they were searching?

Our BeFound Program does just that…help you be found by potential customers, resulting in higher sales!


Don’t Play Hide N’ Seek!

Our local online optimization program is the smart, fast, and cost-effective way to grow your business by making sure a potential customer can easily find you.

First, we hand submit your business details to dozens of online directories, including the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Then we optimize your listings on an ongoing basis, making sure that your details are always up to date.

How it Works
Consumers today utilize online search tools in order to find and evaluate businesses. This includes searches being done on mobile devices and GPS systems.  With BeFound, a consumer will easily find your business ahead of your competition.  In addition, your business listings will be detailed, providing potential customers with the necessary information they need to entice them to become a customer.

befound process2

What would it mean to your business if every potential customer that is searching for your type of business or product could easily find you?

If you are like our other valued clients, it means increased sales!!!

Still have a few questions?  Give us a call at (559) 479-5000 or utilize the Free Consultation Request button below.  One of our friendly and talented team members will be glad to help.  After all, it’s what we do!

The JCM Difference

There are a good number of businesses that can help you get listed.  So why should you choose JC Marketing?


Immediate ListingsLocal Online Optimization from LMS Solutions

There are many companies who claim they will list your business on all the major directories.  The problem is that most of them will only directly submit to the three or four major directories, and then count on the trickle-down permeation to all the other smaller directories.  Why is this bad?  It could literally take months for your business to finally show up.  Who wants to wait that long?

Our in-house team manually lists your business on dozens of directories.  We don’t outsource this important task because quality control is so important.  In addition, we help with the validation process required by many of the prominent directories. The result?  Your business is listed in a matter of days instead of months.


Keeping your listing In-Sync

On average, 6% of business listings change each month. There are many causes; businesses open, close, move, offer new specials, launch new products, hire new employees, change their hours, and more.
Every time you make a change, you need to update your listing on every directory.  Do you have the time to do this?  No worries – we take care of all updates for you.


Keeping it In House

Our in-house team manually lists your business on dozens of directories.  We don’t outsource this important task because quality control is so important.  In addition, we help with the validation process required by many of the prominent directories.


Full Listing Optimization

Each online directory is unique, and the information they allow you to share about your business varies.
We optimize your listings by utilizing every possible data field above and beyond the basic information like business name, address, phone number and web address.  We make sure your business is listed in as many relevant categories as possible. If a directory allows enhanced information like photos, descriptions, hours, special offers or videos, we make sure your listings are 100% complete.


Only Approved Approaches

You’ve probably seen the claims by online marketing firms “Page 1 of Google in 30 Days!”
Truth is – these claims are bogus – or at the least extremely misleading.  Getting to the top of Google search long-term means following the rules and doing things right.  Imagine being blacklisted by Google for breaking their policies!
We are well versed in Google’s requirements and guidelines, and make sure that we move your business up the search results chart as quickly as possible, but in the right way.  We want you to be at the top for a very long time, because that is where potential customers will find you, instead of your competition.


Competitive Analysis

We utilize cutting-edge software to analyze your top-ranking competition.  We identify other online listing sources that they are on and submit your business as well. In addition, we’ll source additional, profitable categories for your business.  For example, a restaurant would benefit from being listed in categories such as “Catering” and a florist can benefit from being found when someone searches “Wedding Flowers”.

Local Optimization That Makes Sense


Preliminary Research Analysis
  • Online Presence Evaluation
  • Competition Analysis
  • Online Business Profile Form
Initial Setup & Optimization
The following services are provided over the first three months
  • Manual Submission to Directories
  • Google+ Page Setup & Optimization
  • Yahoo Local Optimization
  • Profiles setup on over 60 sites
  • Content Optimization
  • Photo Uploading & Tagging
  • Custom YouTube Channel Creation
  • Submission to GPS / Map Services
  • Video Uploading & Optimization
  • Directory Validation Assistance
Quarterly Refresh & Updates
We refresh each listing and add your business to any new online directories every three months
  • Add Business to any New Directories
  • Refresh Photos
  • Refresh Videos
  • Advanced customization
  • Listing Content Updates

Local Optimization FAQs

Q? What is Local Search Optimization?
A. Local Search Optimization is the process of submitting and modifying your business listing on local online directories.  When done correctly, this results in higher search engine rankings on the major sites such as Google.  In addition, when a consumer is utilizing a local directory, not only will they find your business, but important details about your business will be included in the listing. Overall, the main result is increased sales for your business, as potential customers can more easily find your business online.
Q? How can Local Directory Optimization help my business?
A. Consumer habits have changed, and these days most people will perform an online search when looking for a product or service.  In the old days, it was critical for your business to be listed in the Phone Book Yellow pages.  Today, online directories have taken the place of the printed phone books.  If your business isn’t properly listed on the local directories, then it is very hard for potential customers to find your business.  Instead, they’ll find your competition.
Q? Why should I choose JC Marketing to manage my online presence?
A. The straight answer is because we specialize in local online optimization.  We understand the necessary steps that need to be followed in order to help your business be easily found by potential customers.  We keep up with all the frequent algorithm changes, new directories and optimization practices.  While you can do most of the techniques yourself, we’d pose these two questions: Do you really have the time to properly do this yourself?  Is that the wisest use of your time?  Our optimization programs are affordable and effective.  Best of all, they allow you to focus on more important things, and at the same time help your potential customers easily find you.
Q? How can I get my Local Search Optimization campaign started?
A. It’s as simple as giving us a call. Our sales team will gladly walk you through the process
Q? What if I have questions about my Local Search Optimization program?
A. We have a customer support team that is available to answer your calls. During our off hours feel free to send us an email and we will respond to you the next business day.
Q? What factors impact my ranking?
A. There are several factors that impact your rankings.  They are the proper inclusion of photos, videos, online offers and customer reviews, proper category listing, complete business listings and citations. Citations are the mention or listing of your business on other online directories, websites or articles.  Our optimization services focus on all these factors, helping your business improve its ranking results.
Q? What information do you need for my listings?
A. In order to properly list your business we will need you to provide key information.  To simplify the process, we will provide you with a link to an online business information form that allows you to easily provide the necessary data, such as your business description, your website URL, email address, business phone and fax numbers, hours of operation, business categories, method of payments accepted, and specific services or products you provide.  In addition, we’ll need any photos or videos that you want to have associated with your listings as well as information for an online offer for those directories that provide this option.
Q? How long will it take to see results?
A. Typically you will start seeing results within the 2nd month (longer if in a very competitive market) of your local optimization campaign, but we aim on delivering results the first month you start your campaign.
Q? Do I only need to do this Local Optimization for a few months?
A. Local Optimization is not a one-time investment; rather it is an on-going campaign. Changes in Search Engine algorithms require frequent changes in your business listings.  It is important for your business to be listed on all new and emerging online directories. Rankings are affected by the frequent updating of information associated with your business listings.  While it takes a concerted effort to improve your rankings, it takes just as much work, if not more, to keep you there.
Q? Do you guarantee my business will be ranked number 1 on all the Search Engines?
A. No, and don’t believe anyone that says that they can.  We follow only industry accepted processes to optimize your business listings.  Many companies that guarantee this type of results perform shady practices known as “Black Hat”.  If your business is determined to be practicing these approaches, you can be permanently banned from Google.  The risks are just too great to utilize these approaches.  Imagine consumers not being able to find you anywhere on Google!
In addition, search engines are constantly making changes to their search algorithms, meaning that it takes constant work to gain and maintain ranking positions.
Q? My business doesn’t have a brick and mortar location. Should it be listed in these directories?
A. Absolutely!  Consider these online directories as today’s phone book.  Most consumers will perform an online search when looking for a service provider.  Making sure you are easily found by these potential customers, and then making sure that your listings are optimized can dramatically impact your sales!
What is the verification process?
Several of the online directories have a validation process in place to ensure that only legitimate businesses are being listed, and that someone representing the business is submitting them.  Some directories will mail a PIN number to the business’ address.  You simply call us with the PIN when you receive it.  Other directories will require a phone verification process.  For these, we get several of them setup and then call your business.  As we process each directory, they will call and either provide a PIN over the phone that we enter, or their system will provide us a PIN that you enter on your phone.  We make the process as simple and as undisruptive to you as possible.

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